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We’ve got door control locked up.

Dortronics is recognized as a pioneer in the design and manufacture of unique door control solutions, offering a product line that fits virtually every door security application imaginable. Electronic Equipment Group is your number one contact for all your Dortronics needs.

Magnetic locks. Safe, reliable, durable.

Dortronics Systems: Magnetic Locks

Dortronics magnetic locks are available in 300 to 1500 pound holding force and can be custom fitted to handle a wide variety of situations. They provide safe, reliable access for any door or gate. Their complete electronic operation means there are no moving parts to wear out.

There are a wide variety of finishes to match any décor including satin and polished chrome or brass, dark bronze, gold bronze and black anodized.


Delayed egress. Complete systems for complete security.

Dortronics Systems: Delayed egress

Dortronics delayed egress locks are perfect for fire and safety doors. An audible alarm will sound as egress is delayed 15 to 30 seconds as per code. These are complete systems with power supply, date/time scheduling, LED, sounder, resets and a wide array of other options allow for customization to your specific needs.


Door prop alarms. To make sure you’re re-secured.

Dortronics Systems: Door prop

Our door prop alarms make sure doors are re-secured by sounding an alarm when held open. Field adjustable controllers let you set the time. Mechanical or remote reset available. Operate on 12 or 24 V DC.


Annunciators. Remote monitoring, centralized control.

Dortronics Systems: V-Track

Annunciator/controllers allow for remote monitoring and control of doors from one centralized location. Control is easy from both master and slave consoles. You can chose momentary or maintained lock control for individual areas while LEDs keep you up on status conditions.


Access controls. Piezo-electronic technology, integrated flexibility.

Dortronics Systems: Access Controls

With a wide variety of actuator controls for REX and emergency egress, Dortronics gives you the choices you need to custom fit any décor or situation. Choose from a wide array of finishes, round push buttons or rectangular push plates, custom graphics, key switches, and narrow mullion models.

Dortronics access control keypads feature advanced piezo-electronic technology so users can enter even when wearing gloves. Their solid metal construction makes them perfect for use indoors or out. A remote mounted controller protects electronics within your secured area. Programming is simple and up to 200 active user codes can be programmed with just three to five digits.

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